I decided to start this blog to share my theoretical/practical knowledges and experiences acquired during my degrees, job experiences, free-time and more generally in all my entire life.

I am specialised in writing scripts/software for data manipulation/analysis/download, design/create customisable scientific procedures to  increase productivity in industry or research.

Since I was a young boy I had many interests as chemistry, electronic, programming, video-games, music but also I was into many sports and activities in natural environments (camping, hiking, hunting, clay pigeon, shooting range, farming and many more). I was also enjoying collecting stuffs as comics, “Magic: the Gatering” card game and knives.

Now I do (mostly) programming (as Python, MatLab, C-shell/Bash scripting, AWK, GMT, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and others less common but more specific languages as NCO, CDO, SAC, CPS) in both front-end and back-end. I can use development frameworks as Flutter and Ionic to generate multi-platforms (iOS, Android, Windows and MAC) applications.

I always search and try to be in constant personal/professional development and I really believe that there is always some new cool stuff to learn/try to do.