Vulcano Islands: My bachelor field work

The aim of this field work was to convert the old maps of the fumaroles position in the “La Fossa” crater (Gauss Boaga) to the new recent Golbal Positonal System (GPS) cartographic system (UTM WGS84).

As complicance, there were not ground control points (GCPs) both in the field and in the maps. Then to perform this conversion I needed to model the transformation erros between the two cartographic system using different GPS acquisition methods. I also took samples of fumaroles gases, needed for monitoring the geochemistry of the volcano, which can be associated with the extention and position of the fumarolic fields inside the volcano’s crater. In parallel, I collaborated in the building/manutenction of the INGV (Italian National Institute of Geology and Vocanology) monitoring stations deployed in all the island and especially in the “La Fossa” crater.