Python tools for improoving the Copernicus NetCDF files downloads/manipulations

I developed these python softwares with the aim to improve, automise and simplify the downloads/manipulations of Copernicus NetCDF marine data (part of the European Union’s Earth observation programme). In the specific, they are the first python tools of its kind created in this framework ( ever realised.

The main goals that I wanted to address were solving the most common user’s problems/infrastructure-limitations as the data-download requests (which can be very slow and not practical especially when you want to download large amount of data) and a more user friendly netCDF file manipulations (for any type of users experience). Below the Github repositories where the projects are hosted:

tool4NC (Netcdf manipulator)

MerOC (NetCDF downloader/manipulator using HTTP/HTTPS protocols)

ads4MO (NetCDF downloader using HTTP/HTTPS protocols)

FTPsubsetMO (NetCDF downloader using FTP protocols)

Also if these tools have still room for improvments, they are fully working and used/tested extensively in many occasion at the time of their development. Surely they can be easily updated/used as blueprint for others developments in this or related/similar fields, inside or outside Copernicus framework.

I also merged both MerOC, ads4MO and FTPsubsetMO and make all fit in just one applicative called CADS (Copernicus added download services). To know more just click on the image below:

Hope that you guys find them of your interest.

Enjoy forking! 🙂