SquareOFF: A puzzle game for both iOS and Android devices

The idea of this game in my head has very distant roots. I was using to play on paper when bored during the university lessons. It was a sort of addiction and I was consuming lots of time/paper’s notebook because I was unable to solve it (and anyway I am still now). Just before the lockdown for the COVID19 I had the change to share with others two friends the idea to convert such game in a mobile game. This was the born of my SquareOFF development team!

In the beginning, me and my Dev team started in collecting information to solve/clarify many project aspects and also tools used for the development. One of the biggest point of discussion was the development framework to use for this game (in fact, many exist as Ionic, React, electron, Flutter and more..). In the end we decided to use “Flutter” which uses the “Dart” programming language (with some extent similar to javascript ). Luckily around the very beginning of the lockdown we were able to complete the general environments setting and our first graphical concept. It was a great experience and I learn a lot in the process. Below the link where you can find the app in both the Google play and IOS store.

Now I will leave you play it… Enjoy!!!