Docker-Kickstart: Digital resources

With the Docker Kickstart tutorial book I included a video (below) in which I tried to make a brief summary of the very basic concept to know. In fact I think it is a must to have especially for total beginners or people starting to learn about it just now.

Docker Kickstart: Video introduction

Furthermore I developed some coding praticals to show how Docker can be used. The code repository can be accessed by using the button below:

I am sure that after reading the book and the above video tutorial and exercises, you are ready to take the docker world by storm! Once you finish with my materials(book, code examples and video tutorial) surely you acquired the Docker basics and also few advanced features. Then you are definitely ready in starting developing more advanced tasks because you just started to dig the surface of the Docker word.

Thank you very much to be interested in the Docker-Kickstart tutorial and for any feedback you may have please to feel free in contacting me.

Have fun! 🙂