Docker-Kickstart: Learn to build and deploy easily your applications with Docker

My goal with this tutorial is to whet your mind and show you the power of Docker and examples of its appliations. In an ocean of new technology, it can be hard to navigate the waters alone and tutorials such as this one can provide an helping hand. This is the Docker tutorial I wish I had when I was starting out my learning path with Docker.

You can find the “Docker-Kickstart” on Amazon as ebook and paperback version. Below the Amazon kindle URL from which you can access both the ebook and the paperback version.

This tutorial will give you a kickstart to the Docker technology. I will start with an introduction where I am going to give you a general overview of the Docker technology and the reasoning of its popularity followed by a brief overview of the technologies used before the advent of Docker and the breakthroughs that Docker introduced. Then Will follow a chapter where I will help you to install docker desktop and how to access the digital resources linked to this tutorial. Finally, once you understand the basics concepts and how to set your docker environment, you will start with the practicals, from basics to more advanced ones, but always in alternation with the theory. In fact, I designed this course to be around 60% of theory and 40% of practical sessions. I think it is a good proportion to have for an IT course. The exercise given have a very important role in fixing the concepts and procedures introduced, and I kindly suggest you to repeat them many times if needed. I am a strongly believer that “In theory there is very little difference between theory and practice; in practice there is a lot of difference”. There are not particular pre-requisites for attending this course. From your side I require just the installation of Docker Desktop, the creation of your own personal Docker account and the access to the digital resources (distribuited just to the book’s owners). People with an IT background and then with GIT, terminal/command prompt, shells, package managers, Python, HTML, CSS and Javascript basics will be able to absorb the concept faster. However the course is designed to be accessible to all type of professionals, students and more generally people from the most different backgrounds and interested to use this technology.

Thank you very much to be interested in the Docker-Kickstart tutorial and for any feedback you may have please to feel free to contact me.

Have fun! 🙂

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