GPSconverter: Python software for conversion/visualisation of GPS data ideated while walking in the Piedmont’s mountains

The idea of this original development arrived to me while I was in a trekking trip. With a GPS tracker I was able to track my position and then be sure I was following the right path/directions using the bearing recorded by the GPS module. In support of the map on paper (which anyway it is essential to know how to read/use), I digitalised on Google Earth the path planned for the trip and then saved it as KML file (which is the only option if you do this job with Google Earth). Because the file obtained is not compatible with the GPS tracker (at least not with mine and surely with the majority of them) I decided to convert it as GPX file. Have a GPX file make all much easier because it is a format officially recognise as standard. Now finally I was able to overlap my planned track with the embedded GPS tracker Topographic map.

From the image below it is possible to see the starting/ending point of the walk which correspond to the place where I parked the car (indicated by the “P” symbol) and the positions of the places where we were planning to stop. In more details, with the “red-flag” is indicated the top of the hill where was located the San Bernardo Monastery while the “fork&Knife” symbols are the places where we wanted possibly have a refreshing aperitivo (in the end we went on the less crowded one to try to enjoy the nature as much as possible). After that, full and happy we headed back to the car-park (P) to conclude the trip.

During the trekking (as I said in the beginning) I was thinking about all the process done and I thought that surely can be nice have a tool that simplify both the data conversion/visualisation and allows to publish both map and GPS data collected in a fast and easy way (both on digital and for the web). Once home, then I started to write down few ideas and in around one week I was able to realise my first stable working version. Of course I have still ideas and improvements ( it is an infinite process and it will never stop for me) but anyway it is a good base to start with.

I published my work on GitHub and I hope you can make a good use of it or why not “fork it” to make further development yourself.


Enjoy 🙂